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Manvi is a project fellow with CSIRO, Australia. She has done Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry) and Masters in Environmental Science (UniSA). Currently Manvi is an Academic Lecturer at University of Adelaide College. She is an experienced and approachable Maths and Science tutor. Her teaching methodology includes use of examples from everyday situations and current events to make it relevant and accessible for students. She treats each student as an individual and is flexible with her techniques in order to cater to their needs. To ensure they can achieve the results they deserve in exams, she always includes instructions in examination techniques and the best methods of revision.Her enthusiasm help students to engage really well with difficult topics.


Glenn has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and is highly passionate and knowledgeable about teaching, believes in the philosophy that in order to test one's own knowledge, one should be able to effectively deliver that knowledge to someone else. Teaching brings mutual benefits as it deepens the knowledge of the student and highlights weaker areas in the teacher itself.

PhD in Education - Faculty of Arts & Education


I have been teaching both general and academic English to EFL and ESL students for over 7 years. I have been fortunate enough to be involved with such fine institutes as Deakin University and Monash College to help them deliver their general and academic English programs to their students. Owing to the fact that I also learned English on my own without going to any classes, I believe I can truly and deeply understand students' challenges and frustrations in learning a new language, and convert them to new opportunities.

Teaching Experience – Tutored 12th Grade student in Mathematics and has expertise in the following topics: Calculus( Differentiation, Integration and applications, Differential Equations) ,Matrices and Determinants, Trigonometry and Inverse Trigonometric functions, Probability, Vector Algebra, 2 and 3 Dimensional geometry.



Olivia is Masters in English Language teaching (ELT) and M.Phil in Education. She has been teaching the students of the primary and middle school for more than 7 years. She has the passion to teach and nurture young minds to help them excel in their lives. My hard work and diligence has always encouraged students from various genres and have helped them to achieve success. My experience in tutoring has been more than 20 years for primary and senior primary students.


Shivanshi is Masters in Economics and bachelors in Education Studies. As a tutor she worked with Pre Uni College (Wentworthville) She teaches and has expertise on English, Maths, General Ability, Writing and Selective Exam preparation from Kindergarten to Year 6.She is also a tutor at AAA Rapid Tuition Centre (Mount Druitt), where she teaches English from Year 3 to Year 10.▫ As a personal home tutor based in Sydney she teaches students in all subjects till year 10 and Mathematics till Year 12.

Shivanshi Bhargava
Dearnee lee


My name is Dearne and I am an extremely diligent, patient third-year Commerce/Science student at The University of Sydney with a passion for helping students to reach their potential whether it be in Maths, English, Biology, Music or Business. As someone who has been teaching for over five years, I thoroughly enjoy working with students of all ages and thrive from motivating others to reach their academic and career goals. Through creating an interactive and supportive environment for my students, I love to see my students progress, gain an overall improved self-efficacy and work ethic that will enable them to thrive in their future careers.Having graduated from Baulkham Hills High School in 2017 with an ATAR of 97.9 as an HSC distinguished achiever, I have extensive experience providing online classes and group classes to university, primary and high school students.In my spare time, I enjoy exploring nature through coastal and bush walks, cooking, baking and playing piano.

Teaching Experience – Currently, I am a University Tutor at The University of Sydney who provides private tutoring lessons to primary and high school students online.
Through working as a PASS (Peer-Assisted-Study-Sessions) Facilitator within an award-winning program at The University of Sydney for the past two years, I lead 4-5 weekly group discussions for over 100 university students to deepen their understanding of business. In doing so, I work in a professional, experienced team to develop challenging content whilst using innovative methods to teach on Zoom.
In regards to private tutoring, my focus is on helping students to prepare for the OC Test, Selective Test, High School and HSC. I use a forward-thinking approach to create engaging lesson content in order to target forecasted areas of weakness. Additionally, I encourage my students to develop deeper critical and independent thinking skills which has led to over 90% of my students achieving average A-range marks in their school examinations.
As someone with a musical background, I also have provided piano and trumpet lessons both privately and at Maxx Music School. During this time, I empowered over 25 students into realising their unique musical talents through assisting in their preparation for AMEB examinations whilst enabling them to explore their creativity in different genres of music.


Basically I love art and craft and so my expertise is in drawing ,painting, knitting, origami,henna.Currently I am pursuing Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care.I have been in the teaching profession since 2004. I love being with children and in India I was running home tutions for children aged 3-11 years .I used to take all subjects and help them in their studies. I took subjects like (Mathematics, Language,Tamil, Environmental studies, Social). In India children of age 3 need to know about alphabets, numbers, colors, name of fruit, vegetables,vehicle names etc before the admission in L.K.G. I was running a small day care at home from age 1- 5 years. I possess knowledge of how to teach children in effective ways, strategies to keep them engaged for a prolonged time. Since August 2018, I have been tutoring kids in Adelaide, Australia.

Deepa Raj


Amitava did his B. Pharm and M. Pharm from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India and earned his Ph. D from University of North Bengal and later completed MBA from Sikkim Manipal University, India. He has a total experience of 17 years in Pharmaceutical teaching and research in major portfolios such as Principal and as Head, Pharmaceutics in different Pharmacy colleges in India. He has 87 research publications, 5 books and 2 international chapters. He has supervised 8 Doctoral theses. Currently an Australian citizen, Dr Ghosh is an Entrepreneur and an Educator in Hydration Science and a Professional in Molecular Hydrogen Therapy. He is also a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Professional for CSIRO, Australia and a Student Mentor for University of Adelaide. He is on the Advisory board of International Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Biotechnology, International Journal of Drug Formulation and Research, Asian Journal of Research in Pharmaceutics, and American Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology. He is a Referee for several international refereed journals of repute. His research interests include therapeutic benefits of molecular hydrogen, structured water, pharmaceutical formulation development and their statistical optimization, etc. and apart from that his key emphasis lies on communication and delivery skills in teaching. Currently he changed his focus from tertiary education to secondary teaching and is enrolled as a pre-service teacher at University of South Australia. He loves to connect with the young minds and has a unique capability of extracting and motivating a student in academia and holistic development. Chemistry, Biology, Nutrition, Mathematics and General Science is an area of expertise. He is also an expert in teaching young kids for selective and scholarship exams. On a sporty note, he is also a Level-2 certified umpire for the South Australian Cricket Association as cricket is his passion.

Teaching Experience – 30 years of experience in Tutoring, generally middle to high school students in Gen Science, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Nutrition, Social Science and Humanities.
17 years of career in University teaching as Professor in Pharmaceutical Sciences..


I take a ``child centered approach`` to tutoring, which is a method of teaching that revolves mainly around the characteristics and interests of each individual student. The child centred approach not only helps students understand the course material through ways that are most effective to their own unique style of learning, but also helps develop confidence, creativity and problem-solving skills. Being a high achiever throughout my secondary schooling, I've always had a knack for maths and science, and I'm currently a second-year psychology student at the University of South Australia, with a keen interest in child psychology. In my spare time, I love to play the piano or go Scuba diving! I work as a Classroom Support Officer and OSHC Educator. I teach Psychology, Music and General Maths.