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Post Covid19 education:

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Need for the known in the world unknown!

NOW Matters

The need for the known in the world unknown – post-Covid 19 education

The world today has been hit unawares and grappling with the uncertain to gain a semblance of sanity. Whether it is existential war or not it is definitely about resilience at its optimum functional quotient.

We are not talking about the past or the future, we are talking about the present. It is the NOW that takes precedence. The student generation takes this head on out of no choice. They are mostly neurologically trained to be tech-savvy! There is ample and more proof of that in the way young people are taking to the digital much like how fish takes to water.

Therefore, in this world where uncertainty is the name of the game, mental resilience coupled with multiple skills could go a long way towards bringing stability.

Unicorn Academy Australia brings forth talent to make more talent. Brilliant educators with passion and dedication come together to give the best they have to the children so that they can be the best they can be!

We need to have the mindset to take the unknown with the known and forge ahead. Enjoy your books, enjoy your library visits, and learn more. Go digital to reach deeper, more expansive and wider. Happy Learning!


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