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Academic Team

Amir Salim,

 the founding director of Unicorn Academy Australia, started his career with Ernst & Young-Pakistan in the year 1997 till 2001 and became a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) in 2001. He migrated to Australia in 2008, and started working for a professional practice firm as a senior auditor for a year and a half until he lost his job in the aftermath of the recession. This took him to the new journey in the education sector. In the year 2010, he not only succeeded in attaining a part time position as a tutor with the University of South Australia and completed his certificate for Australian Trainer & Assessor but also simultaneously got an opportunity to work in few Vocational Colleges and universities with international students.

In 2016, he completed his MBA from University of Adelaide and in 2019 he also became a member of Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ).

He aspires to see his innovative concepts and well-formulated strategies into successful and sustainable business models and currently he is involved in a couple of more ventures in vocational education and management consulting.

Dr Amitava Ghosh

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder of Unicorn Academy Australia

Bachelor of Pharmacy, Master of Pharmacy, Master of Business Administration, Doctor of Philosophy (Science) (PhD), Master of Teaching (Sec.)

Since 1999, Amitava has been engaged in Pharmaceutical teaching and research through major portfolios such as Principal and as Head, Pharmaceutics in different Pharmacy colleges and Universities in India. He has 88 research publications, 5 books and 2 international chapters. He has supervised 8 Doctoral theses.

Currently an Australian citizen, Dr Ghosh is an Entrepreneur and an Educator in Hydration Science and a professes Molecular Hydrogen Therapy. He is also a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Professional for CSIRO, Australia and a Student Mentor for University of Adelaide. He is a Pre-service teacher for secondary students, pursuing masters of Teaching through University of Australia. He is also a member in the editorial advisory board of International Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Biotechnology, International Journal of Drug Formulation and Research, Asian Journal of Research in Pharmaceutics, and American Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology.

Teaching has been his passion since childhood. In Australia, he found a gap in middle and secondary school students especially in Science and Mathematics and diverted his career to school teaching. Unicorn Academy Australia is born out of his dream to fulfil the needs of the Australian students, which would deliver outcome based educational support not only nationally but aspires to cater the world in near future.

Anuradha Roy

Education Administrator at Unicorn Academy Australia


Highly skilled with strong communication skills and quintessential research professional as well as a Master NLP practitioner with International license (counselling), Anuradha specialized in qualitative research along with an experience of 2 decades, in defining concurrent business strategy and translating into high-impact implementation, operations and results across industries.

Masters in Political Science with specialization in research methodology, an Mphil scholarship awardee from Ford Foundation, is a widely travelled, globally experienced, multilingual, multicultural persona adept in the art of the verbal & the non-verbal, with experience panning education, media, marketing, advertising and market research. Her love for serving the future generations and quest for learning saw her study Diploma in Early childhood education in Adelaide, Australia in 2019-2020.

Worked under international corporate and non-profit organizations serving projects for Levers, P&G, Colgate, MAC cosmetics, World Health Organisation, Population Fund, UK, Macmillan Publications to name a few panning India, USA, Europe, Middle East and South-East Asia. Interacted with the clients from the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France, USA, Brazil, ME countries, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka.

Passionate about the gift of life, cosmic connect, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, sensorial sciences, therapeutic oils, ayurveda, holistic living and meaningful education. On a parallel journey she has been involved in tutoring since the age of 16, instilling the love for learning and motivating young students and adults towards a positive and open-minded approach to unravel the magic within. An overall fun loving personality who believes in NOW: Matters.